Darkwood Adventure Arc #2 – The Tormented and the Twisted (PFRPG) PDF

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Darkwood Adventure Arc #2: The Tormented and the Twisted

Written by Lars Lundberg and Nick Johnson

Darkwood reels from a brutal troll attack and now the loggers and miners are afraid to venture into the hills and forest. The powers that be want answers and the only one who might have them is a mysterious elven explorer who has gotten himself thrown into prison. Not just any prison though, this is the infamous Fetterstone Prison, run by a sadistic duergar and his band of perverted henchmen. PCs must infiltrate and free the elf to learn what he knows. Its a good old fashioned jailbreak!


  • Second adventure in a 5-part series.
  • Designed for 4 PCs level 7
  • 120 Pages of Content!
  • Darkwood grows! See the one new business that started!
  • 1 New Artifact
  • 7 New Magic Items
  • 1 New Disease
  • 1 New Poison
  • 1 New Alchemical Creation
  • 1 New Drug
  • 1 New Special Material
  • 1 New Archetype
  • New Witch Class Abilities
  • 2 New Spells
  • 3 New Monsters
  • 2 New Divine Entities & Religions
  • 1 New Geographical Location explained with Gazetteer
  • 1 New Race
  • New Rules on Insanity Afflictions
  • New Rules on Intoxication Conditions
  • Multi-Layered PDF with GM map content can be toggled on/off in Layer’s Panel of PDF.
  • Mobile display (96dpi) interactive PDF version under 16MB
  • Full display (300dpi) interactive PDF version under 51MB


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